Deceit, camouflage, imitation and warnings in the world of flora and fauna, in Israel and around the world.
The influence of the “Global Village” on cultures, wildlife and natural resources. Is man a part of nature or does he control it? What has changed since the boom in human culture? An around-the-world journey following animals threatened by extinction, disappearing cultures and a variety of traditions.
Nature in the Galapagos islands in the Pacific Ocean, Darwin and his Theory of Evolution: an encounter with giant Tortoises, Iguanas and numerous species of birds, and the difficulties of preserving nature.
World famous cigars, architectural gems, vintage American cars and life in one of the last bastions of Communism.
Amazing Mexico City, rainforests, Indian tribes, Aztec sacrifices and the fascinating remains of ancient cultures. Viva Mexico!
Learn about the most Indian state in Central America, including tribal ethnic characteristics, ceremonies, the rainforest and the remains of the splendid Maya culture.
The Ecotourism capital of Central America. The melting pot of North and South America nature, including active volcanoes, rain forests and a huge variety of plant and animal species.
A fascinating journey through the iceberg landscapes of Argentina and Chile in the southernmost tip of the American continent, including the lake area of the Andes, magnificent nature reserves, unique animals and more.
Africa at its best: an in-depth tour of an area where tribesmen and wild animals live in harmony. The conflict between human tradition and life, and the efforts to preserve nature in one of the richest wildlife corners of the world.
Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls, Bariloche and the lakes, blue icebergs and animals.
Species that have invaded ecological systems, in Israel and around the world. Biological invasion is one of the main causes of animal extinction today.
Following the footsteps of history’s greatest discoveries, from the spices of the East and snow sleighs in the North Pole, to sailing along the Straits of Magellan, the summit of Mount Everest and even outer space.
– After the discovery of America, bilateral exchanges began between Europe and the new continent, including Christianity, language, pepper, corn and other spices, as well as pestilence and the Black Plague.