Noam Sgan-Cohen
Noam's exciting and informative lectures cover a variety of destinations including Argentina, Chile, Tanzania, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and more
Throughout the lectures, magnificent photographs of the specific destination are shown. The lectures cover aspects of nature and landscapes, culture and traditions, history and current affairs, geography, demography and more.
An emphasis can be placed on specific aspects as desires, including:
·  Ceremonies and rituals among the Indians in Central America
·  Darwin, evolution and the Galapagos
·  The natural food chain in African Savanna
·  The Mayan culture in Central America
·  Nature preservation in New Zealand
A series of lectures with a specific topic can also be offered.
Lectures are suited to each specific audience: organizations, colleges, work unions, commercial companies, youth, students, senior citizens, hotels, private groups, etc.
For more information, please contact Noam Sgan-Cohen at: 
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